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East Coast Promotions are passionate about championing positive business story’s, providing fresh perspectives and representing solutions to your marketing needs, we are interested in the start-ups, SME’s all the way through to the Blue-Chip operations that are spearheading business globally.

East Coast Promotions provides a unique offering in key markets such as the African continent with Industry Africa and the rest of world with its Total World Energy brand respectively. as an aspirational business magazine publisher featuring a series of industry reports that recognise the achievements of key individuals and businesses as well as providing the latest in business best practice in a continually evolving business world.

Our Lifestyle publications offer something a little different and don’t just appeal to the business professional. Wine and Spirit Pursuit discusses everything to do with an ever-changing hospitality industry, Our seasoned tasting team even reviews some of the finest alcoholic beverages from around the world.

Every Publication covers up-to-date content and presents a unique angle on the information companies need to know, from maximising the potential of digital and print publications to setting the world alight on social media.

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